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Policies & Procedures


An registration form to be filled and signed by the Leaner Drivers.

If learner drives are under 18 years of Age the parent or guardian details to be filled and signed .


All License holders must bring the Australian Driver License All learner Drivers must bring the Logbook .

Driver Instructor

Structured lesson plans to be signed by instructor and the learner driver.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours in advance notification.

Late notice is subject to a $40 cancellation fee.

Refunds Policy

  • No refunds can be made for sessions that was completed unless the lesson had to be abandoned halfway through due to a malfunction of the instructor’s car or the Instructor to stop the lesson for an emergency.
  • If learners to cancel the remaining lessons without continuing the rest of the package – the refunds will be the remainder of calculating the completed lessons for $50 per hour from the full payment.


We encourage the parents or guardian with full driver licence to accompany the learner drivers.

Using Private Vehicles

Lessons can be conducted on private vehicles with no dual control after the instructor assess and confident of the learner driver’s ability to drive without dual control.